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Fragrance of the Week: Musc Ravageur from Frederic Malle

Posted on May 25 2020

Fragrance of the Week: Musc Ravageur from Frederic Malle


Musc Ravageur from Frederic Malle is an all time Classic Niche Fragrance that really stands out. This fragrance created by master perfumer Maurice Roucel is intense and dominant. Musc Ravageur is a spicy and  oriental fragrance that provides an explosive head notes of lavender, bergamot and cinnamon on a pleasurable background of vanilla, musk and amber. You will also smell  gingerbread and cloves as you wear this fragrance. This sexy and sensuous fragrance will get you noticed for sure. Official description of this fragrance is “Savage sex appeal”. 


  • Top notes: bergamot; mandarin; lavender
  • Middle notes: amber; vanilla; musk
  • Base notes: sandalwood; musk


Musc Ravageur has been a turning point in the history of amber orientalsI. This fragrance works very close to the skin so projection is limited but longevity is really good.  I highly recommend trying  Musc Ravageur,  if you like spicy, orientals with a touch of musk and is an exceptionally wonderful fragrance.


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