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Why Decants?


Luxury Perfumes are expensive, and It takes time to feel the perfume on your skin. You have to try and wear the perfume few times before making a decision to purchase a full bottle. Many a times, you are a perfume connoisseur who likes to try different perfumes from different brand houses or from different master perfumers or with different notes and styles and it’s not practical to buy full bottles of each fragrance. It’s just expensive!



  1. It's expensive to buy full bottle of different fragrances you like.
  2. Traveler's boon: It's so much easier and economical to carry decants of 5 different fragrance while traveling rather than carrying 5 full bottles.
  3. Try before you buy: A full bottle takes a long time to finish before you can try a new fragrance.
  4. Season's change from Winter to Spring and so does the fragrance. Decants allow you to quickly switch and try different fragrances of the season
  5. Different fragrances are meant for different occasions and so just pick a decant for each occasion from a happy, party or a somber mood.
  6.  Out for a meeting or casual lunch with friends- keep on in your bag or pocket for quick spray of fragrance and feel great.
  7. Last but not least- Like wine or cars, who does not like a chance to strike a conversation and share knowledge about different types of fragrances- new arrivals, different notes, master perfumers or perfume houses.



We prepare each decant from original perfume bottle using a sterile and accurate measuring device. Perfumes are decanted only after order is received. We take the decanting process very seriously and are very proud of the quality of product we deliver.  To ensure that there is no cross pollination or contamination, separate sterile measuring devices are used for each perfume.


All our products are 100% Authentic 



  1. Select the perfume you like.
  2. Select the size of decant between 1 ml, 2ml, 3ml, 4ml, 6ml, 10ml,12ml.
  3. After receiving your order, selected perfume is decanted using an accurate measuring device into a roll-on or a spray bottle/atomizer.
  4. 2ml, 3ml and 4ml samples/decants will come in mini glass bottle with gold color cap. These atomizer are then put in mini box as shown in product pics. These are not cheap plastic atomizers but high quality luxury glass atomizers.  
  5. For 6ml, 10ml and 12ml decant, a luxury atomizer is provided. These atomizers are then put in a mini box as shown in product pics. These are not cheap atomizer but a beautiful luxury atomizer to bring smile to your face. You can request the color of atomizer which you like during checkout. We will try our best to accommodate your request. 



Points to Note:

  • Please note that you will NOT receive an original full bottle of perfume but will receive a hand decanted perfume from the original bottle. 
  • You will notice some air space left at the top of the bottles which is important for pressurization in atomizers. Air space does not imply that you are receiving lesser amount of perfume.   
  • Rich and Luxe is not affiliated with the manufacturer of any perfume houses nor the perfume product in any manner. We stand behind each of our decanted product and have receipts to prove it.  
Enjoy the unique perfumes and products brought to you from all over the world and leave behind an unforgettable impression.