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Fragrance of the Week: Oud Jaune Intense from Fragrance Du Bois

Posted on June 08 2020

Fragrance Du Bois Oud Jaune Intense


It’s Summer time and this is one Oud, which is a blessing to have  in your wardrobe. Created by perfumer Nathalie Cetto and launched recently, Oud Jaune Intense from Fragrance Du Bois, is an oriental floral fragrance which you will fall in love with. Build from 100% Oud oil from sustainable sources, Oud June Intense opens with head notes which is melange of exotic monoi (Tahitian Gardenia), elegant ylang-ylang, and pineapple which is followed by heart of orange blossom and jasmine that adds the heat and closes with base notes of vanilla and musk. 

Oud (known as Agarwood) has a lot of historical  and mythological mentions. Conjured as “the scent of Nirvana” reportedly by the Buddha and as the only wood Adam was allowed to take from the garden of Eden, Oud has multiple benefits ranging from medicinal, stress reliever and also as aphrodisiac.


- Top Notes: Monoi, Ylang Ylang, Pineapple, Water Fruits

- Middle Notes: Jasmine, Orange Blossom, White Flowers, Salicyalate

- Base Notes: Lactonic, Vanilla, Musk, 100% pure organic vintage Oud


So, if you are looking for a Summer Oud fragrance, Oud Jaune Intense from Fragrance Du Bois, is right on the money. Recommended!

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