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Top 25 Niche Fall Fragrances (2022)

Posted on November 06 2022

Top 25 Niche Fall Fragrances (2022)


The fall season is a time when the weather starts cooling down, and the leaves begin to change their unique colors. It's also a time when many people start to think about what fragrances they want to wear. 

While summer calls for light, fresh scents, the fall season is the perfect time to embrace more decadent, warmer fragrances. Amber perfumes are ideal for fall, as they are cozy and elegant at the same time. For a touch of luxury, look for amber scents containing vanilla notes or sandalwood. If you're looking for something more playful, try a gourmand perfume with notes of cinnamon or pumpkin. When worn with a cashmere sweater and a pair of jeans, these rich scents will perfectly capture the essence of fall.

There are a lot of different fragrances that can be associated with fall. Some of them are warm and spicy, while others are more fresh and crisp.

Which type of fragrances do you like to wear in the fall? Here are some of our favorites categories

1. Warm and Spicy: These kinds of fragrances are perfect for chilly fall days. They can make you feel cozy and comfortable, and they often have a hint of sweetness to them. Some of our favorite warm and spicy fragrances include cinnamon.

2. Fresh and Crisp: These fragrances are perfect for when you want to feel refreshed and invigorated. They often have citrus or green notes and can be very energizing.

3. Sweet and Fruity: These fragrances are perfect for when you would like to feel a little bit indulgent. They can be very sweet, and they often have notes of fruit or flowers. In addition, they often have gourmand or vanilla notes, which can be very comforting.

4. Rich and Luxurious: These fragrances are perfect for feeling a little bit fancy. They often have deep, rich notes like vanilla or amber and can be very luxurious.

Below is the list of our Top 25 Niche Fragrances for this Fall.

  1. Roi Sans Equipage from Henry Jacques
  2. Parisian Oud from Fragrance Du Bois
  3. Encens Suave from Matiere Premiere
  4. Blue Vanille from Henry Jacques
  5. Tobacolor from Maison Christian Dior
  6. Uncut Gem from Frederic Malle
  7. Cuir De Russie from Chanel
  8. Chypre Palatin from Parfums MDCI
  9. Harmonious from Boadicea The Victorious
  10. Reptile from Celine
  11. Psychedelique from Jovoy Paris
  12. Grand Soir from Maison Francis Kurkdjian
  13. DesirToxic from Maison Micallef
  14. Apex from Roja Parfums
  15. Vici Leather from Electimuss
  16. Lesedi La Rona I from Graff
  17. London from Widian
  18. Tobacco Mandarin from Byredo
  19. Black Afgano from Nasomatto
  20. B683 Extrait from Marc Antoine Barrois
  21. Cuir Elite from Christian Provenzano
  22. Chrysalide from L’arc
  23. Almeria from Loumari
  24. Khanjar from Oman Luxury
  25. Chesterfield Club from Elegantes

We hope you enjoy the fall of 2022 and give a few of these distinctive fall niche perfumes a try!


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