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Christi Meshell

Christi Meshell, a real cowboy's daughter, was born in southeast Texas. During her upbringing, the smokey backdrop of the Gulf coast refineries was accompanied by the odors of Cajun comfort cuisine, wild honeysuckle, mimosa trees, and highly aromatic pine trees.

Although everyone in the family worked for the Gulf and was well established there, when she was in grade school, the family relocated to "Portland, Oregon" so that her father could continue to work for a refinery. As a result, she could pursue her dream of being a herbalist.

In addition to opening a health food store, she engaged in folk medicine and reflexology, went on herb hikes, and created her tinctures.

Christi was recognized as the top artisan perfumer at the 2013 International Fragrance Awards in August, while Matriarch was selected as the year's top independent fragrance house by Cafleurebon in December. In addition, men's Journal, Hint, Sunset, and Seattle Magazine have all lauded her work. She can build a notion from initial conception to final presentation because of her expertise as both a creative director and a fragrance composer.

Collection of niche fragrances created by Christi Meshell; available on Rich and Luxe.

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