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Roja Dove

Roja Dove is celebrated as one of the world's greatest and most loved perfumers.

Born in England, Roja started his career as a hairstylist before moving into the world of fragrance. He eventually became a consultant for several major perfume houses, and in 1999 he launched his own line of luxury perfumes, Roja Parfums. In addition to his work as a perfumer, Roja is also a talented writer and educator. He has written several books on perfume, including The Essence of Perfume and The Fragrance of Desire. He also teaches regular classes on perfume making and fragrance appreciation.

Roja's creations are known for their incredible complexity and depth of character. His fragrances often feature extensive ingredient lists, and his attention to detail is legendary. As a result, his creations have become best-sellers, and his line has won numerous awards.

Roja's fragrance creations are known for their exceptional quality and exquisite craftsmanship. His signature style results in timeless, classic, and contemporary fragrances that are at once classic and contemporary.

Collection of niche fragrances created by perfumer Roja Dove; available on Rich and Luxe.

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