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Fragrance for your Special Occasion: Wedding is a special occasion and so every detail is important- your bridal dress, your hear style, makeup are wearing, what kind of entrance you plan to have, and how you will make your presence stamped at the occasion. Fragrance you wear goes a long way in creating that everlasting impression and so its important that you pick the right fragrance for the wedding. We al know that your fragrances reaches the destination way before you arrive. So make it count!


BRIDE'S LUXE COLLECTION is an exclusive collection of hand picked niche perfume by our Chief Fragrance Officer. Bride's Luxe Collection is meant for brides who want to  make their wedding a memorable olfactory occasion. 2 distinct fragrances are picked for 2 unique occasions: Wedding and Reception  

You will receive total of 2 decants - 12 ml of each of below fragrances.

A) For Wedding: LOUIS VUITTON - SPELL ON YOU - 1 x 12 ml

B) For Reception: ROJA PARFUMS - ELIXIR - 1 x 12 ml


Info About Decant: All decants/samples are carefully decanted from 100% authentic fragrance.

  • For 12ml, a luxury glass atomizer is provided. These atomizers are then put in a mini box as shown in product pics. These are not cheap plastic atomizers but high-quality luxury glass atomizers. You can request atomizer color (Blue, Silver, Gold, Purple or Pink) which you like during checkout. We will try our best to accommodate your request.


Disclaimer: is not affiliated in any way with this brand or any other fragrance or beauty product found on this site. All fragrances are stored in cool and dark place and a separate measuring device is used for decanting each fragrance. Enjoy the unique fragrances and products brought to you from all over the world.

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