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HEAD NOTES Mint, Peppermint, Geranium, Rhodinol, Anethol, Floralzone
HEART NOTES Cinnamon, Clove oil
BASE NOTES White musk cocktail, Ambroxan, Sandalwood, Incense, Syrax


Info About Decant: All decants/samples are carefully decanted from 100% authentic fragrance.

  • 2ml, 3ml and 4ml samples/decants will come in mini luxury glass atomizer with gold color cap.
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  • 1ml sample will come in mini glass vial. It does not have a spray.


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Geranium Pour Monsier Dominique Ropion

Dominique was awarded by the IFF in 2018--Master Perfumer. Near countless exciting fragrances were created by him.
Really interesting/helpful to me is the company literature: They sought to create a lasting fresh fragrance. CO2 was somehow combined with mint to create a Mint Absolute. This is what I call an Opulent Fresh. This is a secret love note.
This 'Hybrid Mint' is a gorgeous open, maybe some Star Anise or Clove, a dash of Cinnamon.
The wildcard is the Styrax, described by general internet search as 'sweet balsamic, faintly floral, some spice resnious, and animalic, amber-like undertones.
Aside: For you that cannot stand Animalic, please don't walk away. This fragrance uses Amber and Styrax to get a smart, modulated fragrance. Geranium adds a nice green, Musk/Styrax offset the Mint Absolute Hybrid. A fast drydown to about 3 inches from the arm occurs. The base remains with the Geranium, and nearly undetectable Mint. A small ambient note of Incense is there. Without knowing the notes, the Incense is not so obvious.
This is a very unique unusual and sexy fragrance.
Crisp, Not Sweet/Not Bitter. A thickness to the cloud upon the open. IA plant/tree aspect combined with a rich elegance from the Musk, Sandalwood, and Incense.
Not really a 'Freshie' more like a superbly elegant/ fragrance

Thank you for providing a deep insight into this fragrance. Really enjoyed your description on 'Hybrid Mint' and Styrax. A fantastic review from a true fragrance connoisseur. Love it!